AmZetta Technologies One-stop Shop for Data Storage Management Agility

It is essential for enterprises today to efficiently manage the growing data volumes, address big data issues, and build a potential cloud strategy as these challenges drive the importance of planning, integrating, managing, and supporting their storage infrastructures.Under these circumstances, it is necessary to leverage opportunities in the emerging cloud-based storage market, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud-based backup, file collaboration, archiving, and replication services.

AmZetta Technologies, a multinational IT vendor headquartered in Atlanta, US, with its Indian arm in Chennai, caters to the needs of enterprises through StorTrends, an enterprise-class storage solution which offers organisations a unified storage solution that is efficient and agile in businesses. It drastically cuts down on the complexities involved in managing an enterprise storage environment. American Megatrends provides this solution to a wide market,ranging from entry level firms to SMBs and large enterprises. "StorTrends is set to power the cloud as an archival tier/DR backup thereby ensuring unlimited storage under one canopy to the users," says Shankar Subramonian, President & Chairman of AmZetta Technologies . StorTrends helps enterprises tackle the challenges like managing the cost of acquisition of data storage, space requirement, data centre power management and graveyard or inactive management of data without the requirement of any manual intervention.

High performance storage solution

StorTrends can be deployed in any business environment with High Availability (HA) offering of 99.99 percent uptime. With its store smart architecture, StorTrends keeps a record of accessed information of every block on which data is stored on regular basis. For organizations looking for high performance; StorTrends 3500i offers features like SSD based caching, tiering and Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV) with better return on investment. It is available as full flash or hybrid model with performance capabilities for a variety of business environments such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), High performance databases or mixed workload environments.The solution also ensures the protection of data without any performance penalty to the front end I/O operations through snapshots based Re-direct on Write (RoW) technology. Also, the total number of disks, space, cost and power needed in StorTrends is much less in comparison to other conventional data storages.

Additionally, StorTrends' built-in WAN Optimization capability for disaster recovery or business continuityeliminates the requirement of any external WAN accelerator appliance. Hence, its Snap Assisted Replication (SAR) with built-in WAN Optimization helps in transfer of data with agility and efficiency.

Need of StorTrends in future

With over 1,100 installations of StorTrends worldwide, AmZetta continues to offer variety of applications for businesses. "Today, the world is spinning around technologies and AMI takes pride in building tomorrow's technologies today," adds Shankar Subramonian. AMI also aims to address key challenges with regards to optimization and extension time of flash storage with cloud as Disaster Recovery backup, by ensuring unlimited storage under one roof. With a strategy to cut down the cost and improve the performance, AMI will provide flash storage with options like hybrid flash that would be tiered with SSD, SAS and NL-SAS drives for easy access of data. "We ensure that the cost is kept down without sacrificing performance," concludes Mani.

Panel One-stop solution

Delhi based Jay Polychem had a disaster recovery site for business continuity; however it relied on manual backup using external drives. Through installation of StorTrends 2400i appliance, the company was able to minimize data-replication time by up to 80 percent.Implementation of StorTrends resulted in elimination of risk of single point failure associated with external WAN accelerators. Moreover, the solution by AmZetta also reduced the burden of manual backup by ensuring effective management of data. "StorTrends provided a one-stop solution to our backing-up done manually. We are using StorTrends 2400i as primary as well as secondary. We integrate primary box into AD and provide access to all users," said Ronesh Arora, CIO of Jay Polychem

Centralized data storage

In 2007, Chennai based Shriram Chits had multiple and critical financial data of customers stored in different formats. In other words, the storage was in form of DAS. Loss of any server could have derailed any form of data. AmZetta Technologies helped the firm centralize data storage with Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy by shifting DAS towards a central storage server with replication of a server at other location. For this, StorTrends' 1300i unit in a datacenter was deployed in a Snap-assisted Replication (SAR) mode with another 1300i unit placed in the branch office of Shriram Chits. This transformation helped Shriram Chits to consolidate and protect data besides strengthening Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery management.

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