StorTrends 2610i All Flash Dual Controller IP SAN

The Perfect All Flash Array

Are you looking for an iSCSI All Flash SAN? If so, look no further than the StorTrends 2610i All Flash Dual Controller IP SAN to meet all of your requirements. From high performance, low latency, enterprise class features and low cost - all from a marketproven technology veteran with thousands of installations worldwide. The StorTrends 2610i All Flash Dual Controller IP SAN is the most cost effective All Flash SAN market, and with average latency below 1ms and performance metrics above 231,000 IOPS, the StorTrends 2610i All Flash Dual Controller IP SAN is the perfect All Flash Array for centralized storage, mixed workloads, VDI and high performance applications.

High Performance with Dedupe & Compression

The 2610i offers both Deduplication and Compression for superb space savings. StorTrends Customers see on average a 4:1 dedupe and compression ratio in virtualized environments. With dedupe and compression enabled, a mixed workload of 8K blocks split into 70% Read I/O and 30% Write I/O achieves 117,400 IOPS. StorTrends deploys a split tier within the 2610i for hot data and cold data. The hot data is stored in a non-deduped, non-compressed tier for extreme performance. When data within this tier becomes infrequently accessed, it is then deduplicated and compressed while being migrated down into the cold tier. Both the hot and cold tiers are comprised of SSDs allowing for extreme IOPS and sub-1ms sustained latency.

SSD Endurance with EnLift Cache

SSD Endurance is a major concern for customers and rightfully so. Many AFAs in the market are using consumer grade low-end SSDs that only offer limited DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day). Without any protection, the low-end consumer grade SSDs wear out and require replacement within an enterprise storage array. The StorTrends 2610i takes SSD Endurance to a new industry standard with its patented EnLift Cache. EnLift Cache is a patented cache buffer comprised of enterprise class SSDs that offer a whopping 10 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day). This means that 2TB per day can be written to a 200GB enterprise class SSD for a period of 5 years before the SSD will run out of endurance. The StorTrends 2610i architecture was designed to utilize the enterprise class SSDs to mitigate intensive wear on the system and therefore significantly increase the lifespan of all drives within the array.

Experience Creates Value

StorTrends has been architected to leverage the highest performance and most cost-effective SSDs in the market today while incorporating superior space savings technologies such as deduplication and compression. With StorTrends, customers can expect to reduce their physical storage footprint by up 75% thanks to the remarkable data compaction technologies architected in the 2610i. StorTrends has been a RAID expert in the storage industry since 1995. AmZetta deep understanding of how data is written and stored has allowed StorTrends to architect the most efficient All Flash Array in the market while creating unsurpassable value.

More Than Just Support

53% of the StorTrends revenue is driven by repeat business. This is a true testament to the quality of the StorTrends Products and the level of service from the Support staff. In 2016 Customer Surveys, we are rated a perfect 10 out of 10 by StorTrends Customers for overall support experience. StorTrends only employs engineers to work within our Support Team, meaning when customers contact Support, they will be directly connected with an experienced storage engineer. AmZetta believes that superior support is tantamount to building long-term relationships and retaining customers who have already been relying on AMI products for decades.

StorTrends 2610i All Flash Dual Controller IP SAN
Form Factor 2U Dual Controller, 24 Bay
Weight 85 lbs (38.6 kg)
Dimensions 3.5 in x 17.2 in x 26.75 in (88 x 437 x 679 mm)
Power Supply Redundant Yes
Power Supply Hot-swappable Yes
Drive Bays 24
Drive Interface SAS Solid State Drives (Flash)
Hot Swappable Drives Yes
Number of Processors Four (4) Intel® QuadCore processors with two (2) processors per controller
Memory 192 GB (96 GB per controller)
CPU 4x Intel Xeon E5-2620V4 2.1GHz
Max Capacity Storage 256 TB
SSD Capacities 240 GB, 480 GB, 960 GB, 1.9 TB, 3.8 TB Solid State Drives(SSD)
iSCSI Support Yes (10G SFP+, 10GbE)
Compression and Deduplication Yes
Advanced Snapshot Module Yes
Archiving with Deduplication Yes
Asynchronous Replication Yes (Snapshot Assisted)
WAN Data Services (WDS) Yes - Deduplication, Compression, Encryption, WAN Optimization
Thin Provisioning Yes
Auto Tiering / Information Lifecycle Management Yes
Capacity Expansion Yes, StorTrends 2502j Expansion Shelves Available
RAID Support RAID-RT™ with RAID 1, 5, 10, 50
ManageTrends™ Web-based GUI Yes
Storage Resource Management (SRM) Reports Yes
Universal Power Supply (UPS) Support Yes
Network Teaming Support Yes (802.3ad, R.R., A/TLB)
VMware vSphere Plug-in Yes
VAAI Primitives Support Yes