StorTrends The Leader in IP SAN/NAS Storage Solution

IP SAN NAS Storage

Does your business revolve around critical data? Wondering where to store them all securely? Yes, making the right choice of storage solution is not an easy task as storing data is always very important to run any business. AmZetta Technologies Private Limited (AMIPL)'s StorTrends is the one-stop solution for your data storage and data protection needs.

StorTrends range of IP SAN & NAS appliances provide reliable data storage solutions for today's demanding environments. Every StorTrends appliance has state-of-the-art features with cost effectiveness and efficiency for space conscious environments.

StorTrends storage solutions enables businesses to automate its disaster recovery operations which reduces the risk of performance deterioration thereby ensuring effective organization, management and safeguarding of its own data.

StorTrends' products provide true enterprise-level features to departmental and small-to-medium size business (SMB) users. Merging IP SAN and NAS functionality on a single storage platform makes it more cost effectiveness, scalability and easy deployability. A few salient features of StorTrends are Re-direct on Write technology Snapshots, advanced provisioning, advanced snapshot capability, snap assisted replication, built-in WAN acceleration, automated tiering, easy to use web-based management, WAN-optimization Data Service (WDS), high availability, SATA & SAS support with hot swap, ADS/NIS Support, among many others

StorTrends has state of the art features that caters to all sizes of business Small & Medium to Enterprise levels whose storage reliability, consolidation, management and protection is unmated. StorTrends 1301i , 1311i and StorTrends 2400i are the most sought-after SAN/NAS storage models for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). A few top tier SMBs opt for StorTrends 2401i as they find it supports SAN and NAS. These are majorly used for data storage such as docs, presentations, databases, emails, MS Exchange. These models are cost-effective yet sophisticated to protect the data of SMBs from catastrophic outages and data loss. A simple unified storage solution catering to cost conscious and limited capacity solutions.

StorTrends 3400i are used by enterprise level businesses. The major requirement for such businesses is virtualization support environment. These are used for high performance systems which are in highly redundant environment. Our storage support gives a highly optimized environment at best price. Business host critical applications and cannot afford to lose their data at any point of time. Our storage solution gives zero down time and high availability.

High availability (HA) is a term used to describe the system design protocol and associated implementation that ensures operational continuity during a given measurement period. HA is one of the important features that all businesses look for in a storage solution. It can be quantified in percentages approaching 100%, which represents the ideal total availability and uninterrupted access to data and resources at all times. Typically, this means that it is Zero downtime and the data is anytime available, almost 99.999% without any data loss.