Hybrid Cloud

By definition, Hybrid Clouds combine the aspects of private and public clouds to provide a more flexible and secure environment. As public cloud solutions are on the rise for disaster recovery purposes, Hybrid Clouds are becoming increasingly attractive for companies searching for simple integration with their existing infrastructure. There are three primary benefits that StorTrends brings to Hybrid Cloud solutions: Cost Savings, Flexibility and Security.

Cost Savings

By implementing StorTrends units into a hybrid cloud environment, businesses will reduce overall expenditures as a certain amount of the IT infrastructure is managed by a public cloud provider. Additionally, brief requirements in processing power or capacity can be temporarily offloaded to the cloud to make the need of additional onsite equipment obsolete. By using StorTrends' ability to replicate between heterogeneous units, users can customize their hybrid cloud solution to meet their budgetary requirements.


By utilizing StorTrends in a Hybrid Cloud scenario, businesses can employ units in the public cloud for secondary storage and disaster recovery while leveraging higher performance onsite units for critical and frequently accessed data. Hybrid Clouds also allow organizations to tap into StorTrends resources in the public cloud when unexpected requirements arise.


One of the primary concerns with cloud implementations is having the data managed offsite. StorTrends offers multiple security benefits, including AES-128 bit encrypted replication, encrypted drives and encrypted volumes to provide maximum security for users' hosted data.