Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is often an overly complex topic, requiring multiple hardware and software components with a multitude of variables that ensure data protection. StorTrends offers numerous hardware and software capabilities that are specifically engineered to create a secure, protected and simple Disaster Recovery solution.


With StorTrends advanced snapshots, users can instantly recover data in the event of corruption or loss. StorTrends offers seven levels of snapshots, as well as 5-minute granularity between snapshots to give users flexibility over their snapshot intervals. StorTrends employs a Redirect On Write (ROW) snapshot process to reduce the amount of actions necessary for each snapshot and only make note of changed data to reduce the amount of capacity dedicated to snapshots.


Having data secured in multiple locations is essential to complete data protection. StorTrends offers several replication features that help facilitate a thorough disaster recovery plan, including a proprietary WAN optimization, data de-duplication, compression and AES-128 encryption. Data replication features help users decrease time between backups Recovery Point Objective (RPO), as well as the time necessary to recover data in the event of a disaster Recovery Time Objective (RTO). StorTrends replication functions at the snapshot level and only replicates changes in data to efficiently transport all data through a maximized bandwidth.