WAN Acceleration

StorTrends solves traditional limitations in remote data replication through innovative WAN acceleration and transport optimization, built into every StorTrends appliance at no additional cost. StorTrends utilizes patented technology that intelligently combines standards-based transport methods to achieve outstanding WAN transport efficiency

The innovations and technologies employed by StorTrends include data optimization technologies like data compression and de-duplication to reduce the footprint of data transferred. StorTrends also employs adaptive compression techniques to vary the depth of compression depending on CPU utilization. Additionally, WAN acceleration techniques ensure maximum utilization of available WAN bandwidth.

StorTrends provides Quality Of Service (QOS) mechanisms to enable the administrator to configure available bandwidth so other WAN clients can coexist with the service. Mechanisms are also in place to schedule WAN transfers during specific intervals, useful particularly for leased lines. Because data transported over WAN is exposed to security threats, StorTrends offers 128 Bit AES encryption to safeguard it.

Finally, to make replication even easier, the ManageTrendsTM web-based management application used in all StorTrends storage appliances enables quick configuration of WAN replication along with extensive reporting tools. The beauty of the StorTrends WAN transfer implementation lies in its innovative architecture. Although many of these transactional details are under the hood, the extensive monitoring tools are available in ManageTrends provide the administrator with a clear understanding of StorTrends WAN utilization efficiency.

Zoned Bit Recording

The most important aspect of Zoned Bit Recording (ZBR) is how it efficiently utilizes the hard disk’s tracks by categorizing the stored data based on its frequency of use. From this perspective, ZBR can be best described an intelligent tier-based data sorting technology in the way it distributes data to specific locations within the hard disk based on its use.

StorTrends ZBR technology splits track spaces into zones based on their distance from the disk’s center. Each zone is assigned a certain number of sectors per track. In classic disk segmentation, the number of sectors remains the same for all tracks. But with ZBR, the number of sectors keeps increasing per track from the center of the disk to the outer edge. This zoning method helps to more effectively utilize the increased space of the outer tracks. It also increases the overall system performance and facilitates green computing by reducing energy consumption.

One of the most compelling features of StorTrends ZBR is its ability to read each track at a constant speed irrespective of the amount of data stored within. ZBR can facilitate a faster raw data transfer rate while reading the outer cylinders by maintaining a constant angular velocity on the platters as the tracks are read.

In organizations where both old and new data is accessed with regularity, ZBR is of great value due the quick data accessibility it can provide. Because StorTrends ZBR technology ensures that frequently accessed data is blocked in the fastest tier of the disks on the faster moving outer tracks, this in turn exponentially increases the overall performance of the StorTrends IP SAN Array.

StorTrends Short Stroking Technology

To increase performance and reduce system seek time at the disk level, StorTrends ZBR also employs Short Stroking technology as part of its Data Tiering feature set. In short, this technology allows StorTrends to store data only on the outer tracks of the disk platter, keeping the inner tracks empty until needed. Together with StorTrends ZBR, Short Stroking also contributes to increased media transfer rate and improved system performance, due to the fact that the outer disk tracks spin at a higher rate than the inner tracks.

In summary, Zoned Bit Recording and Short Stroking technology give added depth and functionality to the Data Tiering capabilities of the StorTrends 3400i Dual Controller SAN storage appliance. These features make the StorTrends 3400i suitable for a variety of environments because of the benefits they provide in flexible data capacity expansion and improved media transfer rates. together with strong green computing credentials to effectively save energy and floor space.