Volume Based QOS

AMI’s tier residency allows StorTrends users to customize the tiers in which their data resides. For highly critical and frequently an entire volume may reside on the SSD tier while a less performance intensive volume may by relegated to the lower performing traditional drives in a Hybrid configuration. This intelligent tiering insures that your StorTrends appliance will provide performance in the most rigorous of environments.

SSD Caching

Many companies are moving towards Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). These environments often times produce “boot storms” where many clients access the storage server simultaneously. This procedure creates a heavy I/O load and overburdens traditional storage arrays. In scenarios where such high read IOPS are required, the same set of data blocks will be accessed repeatedly. StorTrends ACM notes this, and higher-accessed blocks will be reserved in SSD cache to ensure that the user receives the highest performance possible when it’s needed most. StorTrends SSD Caching gives intelligence to stored data, therefore increasing performance considerably.

StorTrends will use the SSD as both read and write cache. To protect against data loss, the written data is mirrored. Mirrored data will be flushed down to spinning hard drives during off-peak times based on the I/O workload, as gauged by the StorTrends Workflow Management. In regards to read cache, SSD space is efficiently managed through a proprietary hash table which eliminates duplicated blocks within the SSD cache space and the SSD tiering space.