Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Video Surveillance

Most initial VDI projects fail. Why? Entry VDI deployments fail due to company's lack of initial investment resulting in a simulation of a VDI environment. They do not engage in a proper POC (Proof-of-Concept) due to the cost involved in procuring the needed servers, licenses, client machines, storage and so on to setup the needed infrastructure. Thus, the company ends up guessing at a lot of the actual needs, performance requirements and infrastructure. This leads to overage of budget, missing components, performance bottlenecks and so on.

With StorTrends, we take a totally different approach. We offer a full Proof Of Concept (POC) and provide you with a complete VDI solution for evaluation from servers to thin clients to software licenses including the storage. Our goal is to simulate the exact environment that you will deploy the StorTrends 3500i appliance to ensure that it will work flawlessly for your company before ever investing a single penny. This is why thousands of companies and organizations trust StorTrends every day as their preferred data storage vendor. Download our free VDI Solutions Brief for more info.