StorTrends 3500i Dual Controller SSD Hybrid/Full Flash Storage Appliance

The StorTrends 3500i is the industry's first Solid State Drive (SSD) Hybrid storage array that combines SSD Caching, SSD Tiering and Automatically Tuned Volumes (ATV). These three patented technologies provide the ultimate combination of extreme performance and optimal capacity to meet the budgetary needs of your organization. Each 3500i unit is configured specifically to meet each users’ performance and capacity requirements. Users can run the free StorTrends iDATA Tool to generate a comprehensive report identifying capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads versus writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance, server statistics and application information. The detailed report will help identify environments’ performance metrics and provide insight on the type of configuration best suited for the infrastructure

The StorTrends 3500i is designed to not merely support Flash (SSD) drives, but to automate their performance and turn that into huge benefits and savings for your company. Its versatility, deep feature set and outstanding performance mean that the StorTrends 3500i is perfectly suited for the most demanding applications including high performance databases, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), cloud storage and mixed workload environments.

StorTrends 3500i Dual Controller SAN
Memory 32 GB (16 GB per controller)
Supported Drives 200GB, 400GB, 800GB and 2TB Solid State Drives (SSD)
300GB, 450GB or 600GB 15K RPM SAS drives
1TB, 2 TB, 3 TB or 4 TB 7.2K RPM NL-SAS drives
Raw Capacity 3.2TB, 6.4TB, 12.8TB, 32TB per enclosure
4.8TB, 7.2TB, 9.6TB per enclosure
16TB, 32TB, 48TB, 64TB per enclosure
1GbE Four (4) GbE LAN Ports (2 Ports per controller)
10GbE ports Optional Two (2) 10GbE Ports per controller
Two (2) 10 GbE Midplanes for internal connectivity
RAID Controller Robust RAID-RT™ with RAID 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Power Specifications Two Redundant, Hot-swappable 1200W AC
AC Voltage (100 - 240V, 50-60Hz)
Cooling Specifications 12 internal cooling fans
Form Factor 3U Rack mountable chassis
Dimensions 17.2 in x 5.2 in x 24.2 in (437 x 132 x 615 mm)
Operating Temperature 10° to 35° C (50 to 95°F)
Weight 43.5 kg (96 lbs.)
SSD Caching Support Yes
SSD Tiering Support Yes
Volume Quality of Service (QoS) Yes
Advanced Snapshot Module Yes, Re-direct On Write technology
Maximum Number of Snapshots 8,048 per appliance (read-only/writable)
Active/Active and Active/Passive High Availability (HA) between controllers Yes
Asynchronous Replication Yes, Snapshot Assisted Replication (SAR)
WAN Data Services (WDS) Yes, Deduplication, Compression, Encryption, WAN Optimization
Thin & Exact Provisioning Yes
Auto Tiering / Information Lifecycle Management Yes
Capacity Expansion with StorTrends 3202j JBOD Yes
Storage Resource Management (SRM) Reports Yes
vSphere Plug-in Yes
Network Teaming Support Yes (802.3ad, R.R., A/TLB)