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How Well Do You Know Your IT Infrastructure?

The number one reason that most storage installations fail is due to lack of accurate information regarding the IT environment's performance, capacity and throughput needs. Fortunately, the StorTrends team of engineers has developed a (free) software tool to measure all of the necessary components of an IT infrastructure in order to accurately identify the pain points of an environment and create the best storage recommendation possible. No more guessing as to the amount of IOPS a SAN requires or the expected growth rate. Only hard numbers and analysis for an accurate diagnosis.

What is the StorTrends iDATA Tool?

StorTrends iDATA is a software tool that runs in the background of your existing IT environment for seven (7) days. Once installed the automated tool runs non-intrusively and will not disrupt any services or create any IO bottlenecks. After completion, the tool will generate a report file that contains key metrics of your IT environment; such as capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads versus writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance, server statistics and application info. Download this free StorTrends iDATA Tool today and discover your actual needs and requirements.

SSG-Now Labs First Look: StorTrends iDATA

SSG-Now Labs First Look: StorTrends iDATA
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S/W Requirements

  •  Microsoft Windows operating systems (32/64 bit) (Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 2003 Server or R2 / Windows 2008 Server or R2/Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 )
  •  Microsoft .NET Framework 4

H/W Requirements:

  •  1GHz Processor or higher
  •  1 GB RAM or higher
  •  Minimum 20 MB space in the hard disk

Installing on Microsoft Windows operating systems

StorTrends iDATA will run on Microsoft Windows based operating systems. Only privileged (Administrator) user must perform installation

  •  If the system does not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed, this setup will automatically install those during the installation
  •  Run the setup.exe in the StorTrends iDATA in the provided folder.
  •  Follow the installation screens to complete the installation.
  •  After completion of installation of the StorTrends iDATA, Please click on the desktop icon to start running the application

Running the StorTrends iDATA Tool

  •  Click on the desktop icon to start running the application.
  •  Read the Limited Use Software License Agreement and click "I Agree" to continue.
  •  Enter in your contact information and configure e-mail, if desired. 
  •  You may either click on "Select Discovery" in order to run a discovery of all of the servers on your network, or you may click on "Add New Server" to enter in the servers manually. If the servers are part of an Active Directory, you may click on "Set Master Credentials" to have the credentials automatically populated. Once you have added all the desired servers, click Next.

  •  Choose the number of days that you want StorTrends iDATA to monitor the servers and type in the location of where you would like output file to be saved. (The longer you run the tool, the better the results will be. We recommend the tool be run for 7 days.) Click Next. 

  •  Monitoring will commence. Once done, your output file will be ready at the location indicated in step 5. If you configured e-mail, this file will automatically be e-mailed back to AMI. If you did not configure e-mail, please take the output file and e-mail it to sales@amzetta.co.in