About StorTrends

From a company with 30 years of serving the IT community, StorTrends is a truly innovative storage provider. With thousands of installs across dozens of countries worldwide, StorTrends combines Performance Storage with Proven Value. No matter the industry, StorTrends can fit your environment with the best storage solution possible. Most importantly, StorTrends does not charge by the feature like other vendors; instead, StorTrends employs an all-inclusive philosophy with each storage appliance, which ensures that each customer gets the enterprise features needed without the enterprise price tag.

Who We Are?

AmZetta Technologies Private Limited (AMIPL) is a global company headquartered in Georgia, USA with a global presence in India. Started in 1994, AmZetta has 200+ patents awarded globally on innovative engineering solutions and AmZetta Products are shipping in more than 1/2 a billion of computers in the world today.

AmZetta are specialty leaders in IP SAN/NAS Data Storage Solutions, Infrastructure Asset Management, Telematics Solutions, Knowledge Management system, Healthcare IT solutions.